What’s Good for Rice is Good for Ducks and It’s All Good to Eat

Feb 16, 2017
DU-USA Rice Luncheon: Can you spot the decoys?
WASHINGTON, DC – The annual Ducks Unlimited-USA Rice Congressional Luncheon took place here yesterday, with more than 200 USA Rice Government Affairs Conference attendees and Congressional staff and Members mixing and talking rice and politics.

The menu consisted of several U.S.-grown rice and duck dishes including sushi, arancini, and spicy duck and andouille sausage gumbo served over rice.

“We’ve been hustling from meeting to meeting, on the Hill and off the Hill, for a day and a half now.  It’s nice to have a slightly more casual setting to visit with Congressional staff and grab a bite that really lets us naturally talk about the great conservation story rice has thanks to the unique relationship between rice and ducks,” explained California rice farmer and Chairman of the USA Rice Conservation Committee Leo LeGrande.

“It’s great to bring everyone together to showcase our Rice Stewardship Partnership here in Washington,” said Kellis Moss, DU’s director of public policy, who worked closely with USA Rice to coordinate the event.  “The folks in the field see the benefits rice provides for ducks everyday but it’s even better to have growers in town to help us tell our story and hopefully they’ll later act as our advocates when we need help with policy and legislation.”

The break didn’t last long.  Soon after the luncheon, the USA Rice Hill teams were back on schedule with a host of meetings that took them right into the dinner hour.